One of the best things about them was that I could stick them wherever they were needed. If I wanted to relax up in the bow, I just peeled the suction cups off and then reattached them in a new, convenient spot. (I stuck one on a filing cabinet in my office and put a cup full of pencils in it.) There are no holes to drill, and Grippits won't scratch or mar your boat's gel coat. Made from polypropylene webbing, they're available in seven different colors. They even float. And they cost only $6.95 each. Buy a bunch. Excel Innovations, inc., (954) 450-1505. www.grippit.com. -J.C.

     If your boat has cup holders, but they're not in the best spots, or if it doesn't have them and you want to add some, send for a few Grippit Drink-Lash drinkholders. They're great to use when you're entertaining aboard because you can attach them all around the boat. Their twin suction cups stick to any clean, smooth surface. I doubted whether they would stay put when the going got rough and the pounding began, but in three weeks of use, often in rough conditions, only one of my two Grippit drinkholders came off once. I usually had 24-ounce bottles of drinking water in them, which are fairly heavy. No matter how full or how empty the bottles were, they never bounced out. The Grippits, which will expand to hold larger-diameter bottles, cans, cups, etc., held them firmly.


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